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Orc Skill

Skill bonuses

  • +10 Heavy Armor (25)

  • +5 Block (20)

  • +5 Enchanting (20)

  • +5 One-Handed (20)

  • +5 Smithing (20)

  • +5 Two-Handed (20)

Starting spells

  • Flames (Destruction)

  • Healing (Restoration)

Special abilities

  • Berserker Rage - Take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds. This does not apply to damage dealt by spells; however, it does stack with other physical damage buffs. While Berserker Rage is active, the screen turns red and a little blurry while sound dulls a bit.

Orcs are one of the best races when it comes to one-handed and two-handed combat, as well as having high skill in crafting weapons and armor. Orcs are not as skilled in magic as other races, such as the Elves, but what they lack in magic they make up in physical combat. Orcs also have high stats in smithing and crafting.

Orc male in combat

An Orc male dressed in armor for combat