Type One

Type one is the more severe form of diabetes. Sometimes it is called "juvenile" diabetes, because it usually develops in children and teenagers, even though it can develop at any age.

People with T1D are insulin dependent. This is because diabetes is an auto immune disease. In T1D the body's immune system sees the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas as invaders in your body. Due to this it attacks and destroys these cells.

Due to this T1 diabetics have to get insulin from an outside source.

not contagious
cannot get it from eating to much sugar
doctors are still trying to find what causes it. (As of now the believe its partially genetic and partially environmental)
no cure
nothing any one can do to prevent it

As many as three million Americans have T1D
Each year more than 15,000 children and 15,000 adults are diagnosed with T1D. This is approximately 80 people per day
T1D accounts for $14.9 billion in healthcare cost in the U.S. each year

For more information about type one diabetes visit http://www.diabetesresearch.org/what-is-type-one-diabetes or http://jdrf.org/about-jdrf/fact-sheets/type-1-diabetes-facts/ or http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/type-1/?loc=util-header_type1