Gary the Snail is SpongeBob’s pet. Gary usually can only say, "Meow," but sea worms in the show bark, which indicates that snails are equal to cats and

worms are the equivalent of dogs. In some episodes, Gary says things other than "meow" but this is very unusual. He is shown to be able to roar. Also, he is able to

screech like a cat. Gary is the sixth or seventh main character of the show, and he has the fifth most appearances in the Series.In many episodes, it has been indicated

that Gary is very intelligent. Gary responded to SpongeBob's question in one episode with "Meow-no." SpongeBob did not think much of it and replied, "Aww, what do

you know? You're a snail!" SpongeBob did not recognize it as special, meaning this is not the first time Gary spoke. The Citizens of Bikini Bottom were chanting, "All

hail Plankton," while Gary chanted, "Meow, Plankton." He may even be more intelligent than all the main characters, this is ironic as he is a snail, where Gary spoke in

his dream (that SpongeBob was interrupting) and sounded very old and wise.