The Future

The future, no matter how cloudy it may be, is still plenty bright for a rising star as coveted as Jimmy G. Buckets. He declined a 4 year $40 million contract from the Bulls. Butler said he wasn't chasing money, but he was simply "betting on himself" to become a better player. Butler posted went from a defensive role player to an elite 2-way force, averaging 20 points per game. On top of his 2015 All Star selevtion, Butler has also been named the 2015 Kia Most Improved Player. This feat is even more impressive because only 6 other players have won the award and been All-Sars in the same year. Entering the prime of his playing career, the only way Butler can go is up, and he definitely on his way.

Below is Butler on the cover of Sports Illustrated after a breakout first half of the season