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The largest improvement in swimming technology has come in the suits. Only twenty-five years ago, everyone wore the same suits at the Olympics as at practice. Rollover SuitsIn 1992, Speedo released the S2000, which reduced drag by 15%. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the Aquablade was released. 77% of gold medalists that year wore Aquablades. In 2000, the Fastskin was released. 13 out of 15 world records at the Olympics that year were broken in Fastskins. The following Olympics, the Fastskin FSII was created. In 2008, the LZR racer was released. This suit was so much faster it had to be regulated. Since then, Speedo has released the LZR X and other companies have begun to make similar suits, such as the Arena Carbon Pro.

To see the difference between Aquablade and LZR X, mouse over the image to the left: