About Us

My two guinea pigs, Cookie and Honey, were adopted from a pet store. Though I wouldn’t recommend this now (adopt them from a shelter instead), the store we bought them at took good care of them. If you plan to buy guinea pigs, please check out information online so you can see if they treat their animals well. If not, your guinea pigs might be sickly, and you don’t want to pay money to promote the poor treatment of animals.Honey on lap
Cookie and Honey are sisters, and they love each other very much. Cookie is much bigger than Honey, and she can be very bossy. But at the end of the day, she loves Honey and is willing to protect her from scary things like the vacuum cleaner.

Cookie and Honey like to get into trouble. They’ll run away when they’re having floor time, but they always come back home. They like to tip over their pigloos and their hay trough. You can see pictures of these things on the Pig Home page.

Go to the pages on each of these piggies to learn more about them individually.