Cookie the guinea pig:Cookie

Cookie is about two years old as of March 2015. She is the older sister of Honey, whom she bosses around but also loves and protects. She is mostly brown and black with a white belly and ring around her head.

Her favorite foods are carrot tops and lettuce. She will eat everything in her bowl, and when she is finished, she will try to steal from Honey's bowl. Cookie's favorite thing to do is eat.

She is a bold guinea pig who thinks she is queen. She likes to snuggle up on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. She loves being held and carried around. She especially likes looking out the window over my shoulder.

Cookie never bites and instead licks the hands of anyone she likes. She is a lot bigger than Honey, and she also has quite the tummy. She is a fast runner. She runs around her cage or playpen when she is excited. When she is tired, she flops down in her pigloo sideways and rests. Sometimes Honey will try to join her, but will be kicked out. She sometimes throws temper tantrums and jumps around snapping at things.

Cookie loves attention. If Honey is being held and she is not, she will complain and paw at the cage walls until she is picked up. If I am busy doing something else, she will get jealous and chirp for me.

Cookie is my sweet little lap piggy and I love her.