Honey the guinea pig:

Honey is nearly two years old as of March, 2015. She is Cookie's younger sister, and she loves Cookie a lot. She always follows her around, even thHoneyough Cookie can be a bit of a bully to her sometimes. She is mostly white with a brown and black head.

Her favorite foods are peppers and califlower. She doesn't like cranberries.

Honey is a very timid guinea pig. She likes to hide her head underneath people's shirt collars. If she sees a pocket, she will run into it and cuddle up inside. She is easily startled, and often runs to Cookie for protection when she is scared.

Honey is much smaller than Cookie since she was the runt of a litter. This is why we considered her Cookie's little sister.

Honey also bites often. She doesn't do this to hurt anyone but because she is naturally curious, and wants to see what various objects taste like. However, if you do something she dislikes like clipping her nails, she will definitely bite. I have to wear leather gloves when trimming her nails, and even those are full of holes. She has a very strong jaw.

Honey is a guinea pig escape artist. She can get out of any pen, and the cage is the only thing strong enough to keep her contained.

I love Honey a lot as she is my sweet little treasure.