pig with apple

Guinea pigs are a great pet for families with older children. They are gentle and loving creatures who can be held in laps and carried around.

Guinea pigs may look similar to rodents like gerbils and hamsters, but in reality, they are not very similar at all. While rodents can eat seeds and nuts, guinea pigs should eat special guinea pig food and vegetables. They have fragile spines so they should not run on a hamster wheel or in a ball. If they are placed in a tank cage, they may have trouble breathing, and if the bottom of their cage is wire, it will hurt their feet.

Pet store cages for guinea pigs are not big enough. Your guinea pigs will become sad and lethagic if they are not in a big enough cage. Build a C&C cage for them (instructions can be found online).c&c cage

Guinea pigs should be bought in pairs. Otherwise, they will get lonely. In Switzerland, it is illegal to buy only one guinea pig--you must get at least two. Get two pigs of the same gender if you do not want babies. It is best to get two pigs from the same litter, but you can pair a young bore with an older bore or two females from different places.

Guinea pigs live for about 5-8 years. Be prepared to give your pigs a lot of love and attention. They are social creatures. and they will get lonely all by themselves.

If you love cute, snuggly animals and are willing to commit to years of care and love for them, guinea pigs are the pets for you!