Radical Something

Radical Something is a band formed by Alex Lagemann (Loggy), Josh Hallbauer (Josh Cocktail), and Michael Costanzo (Big Red). They were originated in California. The two members, Lagemann and Costanzo met while playing football at UC Berkeley. They began their music career by recording hip-hop songs in their college apartment. In February of 2011 they met Josh Hallbauer while at a New York City recording studio. The first song they created together was called “Be Easy” and they uploaded this to Lagemann’s YouTube page. Photographer, Bruce Weber, viewed this song then immediately hired them. After this they officially formed their band and created their first official album “We Are Nothing” on September 20, 2011. They have continued to make music since.

Alternative, hip hop, reggae, pop

We Are Nothing -2011
Ride It Out -2013