1966 Canon FT QL

Backstory: I started taking a photography class at school. Commonly, photography students use black and white film, since that is the easiest film to develop and use. I had to find a camera that could take 35mm film, and came with a couple lenses. I started browsing craigslist for cheap camera. I ended up finding this camera with someone claiming that the back would not open, the shutter button didn't work, and the film spooling was broken. They were giving it away for free a long with three lenses. I decided that I would spend a week on it, if I couldn't fix it, I would give up and try another camera.

Technique: I referenced the Canon manual I found online, the pages I used, I will link here. I took off the bottom by unscrewing the screws on the bottom, as seen in the picture below. This will allow you to push the body of the camera out of the case/holding. By doing this, I was able to fix the film spooling. To spool the film, you have to open up the back of the camera and this is done by pulling up on the rewind stick. Pulling up on the stick did nothing because it was unscrewed from a pivot that it normally rotates in. Pulling up on this pivot is what opens up the back. By pushing the camera out of its case, you can screw these two back together. The next problem was that the shutter button wasn't working. To fix this is actually pretty simple. You turn off the shutter lock, and then have to run through a few different things. First off, adjust the timer on the front of the camera to each of its three setting and slightly depress the shutter slightly. This will trigger the timer to go off, which while active, but being on the lock mode, makes it impossible to take a picture. If this doesn't work, you can unscrew the shutter button and look for a jam.

Results: I have included pictures below, and in my personal gallery, to show the quality of these pictures. The camera is now fully functional and lasted me a full year.

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