Brown table

Backstory: I found an old table, covered in graffiti, on the side of the road one day while I was driving around. So I put the table into my car and decided that I would try to salvage it to use it as a desk. It used to be a dining table based on the size of it. It was a dark brown, and made out of a single piece of wood, along with two supports and two benches.


Technique: I used a sander to take off the graffiti and the brown paint. Taking off the paint allows for you to check for wood rot easier, and you can get an even color. Sanding the wood also allows the paint to "grip" the wood more. This can allow for the paint to stay on the wood for a longer time, with a smoother finish. It is also recommended that you wipe down whatever you'll be painting on between coats, that way, hairs or dust don't make the paint group up.

Result: So far, I only have the benches done. I had to find an exact brown stain to match the table. I have found that the more customized and special made the item is, the harder it is for you to find an exact match. However, with less exact pieces, you can usually find a similar color.

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