Joanne Rowling started out making stories up for her little sister to keep her entertained when she was babysitting. She was always daydreaming, and it eventually paid off. However, it was a struggle for her at first. She tried to get a job as a secretary, but couldn't focus in meetings. For the same reason, she quit her attempts at being an English teacher. She got married and had a daughter, but was divorced just six months after giving birth to the baby. She became a single mother living on social welfare, and she moved to london to be near her sister for comfort.

She began creating the story of Harry Potter when she would go on long walks with her baby, often stopping at a certain cafe to sit and write down her ideas. She tried to get the book published, but was rejected numerous times. J.K. Rowling doesn't actually have a middle name. She took 'K' from her her grandmother, Katherine.Finally, a small publishing firm printed one-thousand copies, paying her just $1,500 in advance. Each of these collectors items are now worth $2,500.

During her creation of the fourth book, Warner brothers bought the movie rights for the first two books. After publishing the Goblet of Fire, Rowling was remarried and slowed down in producing the rest of the series. Reporters criticized her for this, and some believe that it was these negative actions of news people that she based the character Rita Skeeter on. Once finished with the Deathly Hallows, she wrote a mystery book under a pen name. The book, called The Casual Vacancy, was eventually discovered to be written by her. Many were surprised that she could write in another genre.

Today, she is a multi-millionaire (richer than the queen of England), donates thousands to charity, and is even writing a screenplay for her new spin-off movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. She lives with her husband and has her own website, Pottermore (read more on Pottermore by clicking the linked button above).