Least Accurate Film

Throughout the making of the Harry Potter movies, the plots seemed to grow further and further from the original themes. The reason, of course, is that they had to include so much information into them to make later movies Daniel Radcliffe poses as Harry in "The Order of the Phoenix."make sense.

Out of all of them,The Order of the Phoenix is by far the least accurate movie to the books. Due to the fact that it is the longest tome in the series, it was difficult to capture all of the information in the film. Hermione often treats Ron as if he's unintelligent :)The scene of the Weasleys,Harry, and some others visiting the hospital for Mr. Weasley was completely excluded from the movie, when it was a large part of the book.

I suppose it was difficult to include all the information discovered in the later books, and so it was necessary to cut unimportant parts to the story. However, I believe that it was many of the little parts of the books that contributed to the overall universe. They also excluded S.P.E.W, Hermione's house-elf help program, Weasley-is-our-king, O.W.L. testing, and for some reason even make Cho Chang the taddle-tale. There are near endless changes, and many minor details left out or changed to give new messages. Overall, they're simply…well...different!