Most Accurate Movie

This is a hard decision to make. The first two and the seventh are definitely at the top. The first two were short enough to include most of them, and though the seventh was long, it was created in two parts. The seventh, I think, would be third. The end was off, which disappointed me, as the ending duel was one of the things I looked forward to most. I guess that they couldn't finish the epic series with a short scene of Harry speaking in the great hall, but it doesn't excuse the phony battle that occurred between Harry and Voldemort.

Polyjuice Potion?The second most accurate, I would say, is the first movie. In the end of it, they left out too many of the challenges for my taste. Harry with his owl, Hedwig.

Which leaves, of course, the Chamber of Secrets as the most loyal to the books. Overall, they did a good job including all of the pieces of the story. I especially liked how they included the bits of Harry speaking parseltongue, when many directors would have left that bit out. They did an excellent job developing the characters more, especially Lockhart. They captured his entire personality brilliantly, considering the fact that they had to capture it in around two hours.

Lastly, I love that they use Dobby in the same ways that they did in the book. He was a perfect fit for the character, and (he being one of my favorite characters) I am glad they didn't treat him as if he had bad intentions. It wasn't my favorite of the movies, but I would say it is the closest to the book.