Pottermore is an all Harry Potter website. It gives new information and fun facts that Rowling didn't mention in the books, and even has some games. You can duel with friends, brew potions, and go through a walkthrough of each chapter of the books. This is a great and enjoyable site for fans and those just starting to read the series. You can go through chapter by chapter while reading them, which is a great way to see visually what J.K. was imagining. You can visit diagon alley, and talk with others about Harry Potter ideas, and win house points for your house.

No matter who you are, Pottermore is great. It has tons of information that you can't find anywhere else, and it's one of my absolute favorite websites online. New things are added to the site daily, and you can learn more and more about the fantastic world of Harry Potter. Collect Galleons! Buy ingredients! Immerse yourself in Hogwarts and revisit your favorite chapters to search for all the objects hidden, and make new friends! Mke your account today, and have fun!

Pottermore is a great, fun site for fans.