Different Events In Track

When most people think about track, they automatically think about running. "I can't do track I don't run!" I've heard it all before from family and friends. I thought track was just for runners before to. This is wrong though, there are plenty of events other than just running. These are a few different events track has to offer: Hurdles, Long-Jump, High-Jump, Cross Country, and Throwing.These are just a select few of events in track, but don't worry there are a lot more! Track can be fun for anyone and not "just runners". This page will allow you to learn about a few of the different events in track you can do, just click the event you want to learn about and it will take you to an information page. So next time someone says "track is just for runners" you can prove them wrong! I hope you decide to do one of these events! The picture to the right is a normal track.