High Jump

Other than long jump and hurdles, there is another event that involves jumping and thats high-jump! High-jumping is very fun and very challenging. The goal of of high jump is to jump onto a mat clearing a bar without having it fall as high as you possibly can. After every round the bar goes higher and becomes more challenging to clear. In this event you need to have an arch in your back and to land correctly onto the mat. There is high-jump available for boys and girls. The boys start at 5ft. while the girls start at 4ft.
When you start high-jumping you will need a good approach to the bar, at least 5 to 7 steps including the take off steps is usually the best. When you do your approach you need to have a slight curve to gain acceleration, this depends on speed. Some drills to help with acceleration would be: Running without jumping, Run in a curve and lift your take off leg, or to simply work on running as fast as you can to the bar, and then attempting to jump.
After you get the approach down you need to work on the take off. During this action, the athlete will transition from a curved approach to a vertical take off. During this you "stay away" from the bar so you don't run into it on the way up. The acceleration from the approach should help the jump be better and more likely to clear the bar. Some drills to help with this is: Scissors kicking over the bar, Running and jumping with you knee as high as you can make it go, Getting onto the mat and falling with an arch( to help with the jump), and last actually adding the approach and jumping the bar.
After you get these 2 things down, you should be a high-jump pro. At meets everyone warms up and if you are 3rd (in the pit) doing some of these drills will help improve your performance.