Hurdles are more known as a running event then a jumping event. This is because it involves a lot of running and the jumping is based on the strides and speed. A hurdler will run 100 to 400 meters and take long gliding strides over each hurdle they approach. Once you clear the hurdle you keep your running speed and continue to the end of the race. The main goal is to get over every hurdle with good speed and as smoothly as possible so it doesn't slow you down. Most people look at the hurdles race as a "sprint with few obstacles".
Like every other event in track and field before you start you want to get a good stretch in before, or you could get seriously hurt. Especially, you need to work on warm ups because if you land on the ground the wrong way you can twist you ankle or get a "charlie horse".
When you run hurdles there is a certain technique, but beginners need to focus more on jumping and running. Once you improve you will naturally start to make the right forms and become more advanced in hurdles.