Long Jump

Lots of track kids like doing long jump, who doesn't want to run as fast as they can and then jump into a big pit of soft sand? This even though sounding not that difficult or hard is much more than just jumping into a pit. When you first learn to do long jump you have to learn how to keep consistent strides when running and have to run at a sufficient speed. Only after this will you be able to move onto the "long jump" part. With beginner long jumpers there are many safety concerns because if you jump the wrong way you can get seriously injured. You also need to learn to not land with your hands and not to lose control in the air.
First you leap with both feet and reach their arms forward as their legs do the same. Then they will extend their legs land on their heels and roll to the side or push themselves forward. The sport lacks a starting line so depending on the jumper you have to figure out which distance is best for you. After learning these things you will eventually get better at long jump and jump into the sand as much as you want!