Alan Shepard Alan Shepard

Before Alan Shepard’s first flight he was treated to a breakfast of champions at four in the morning, which was a very large amount of food, and large amounts of juice. The flight was scheduled to go at 7 am but due to a control system glitch it was grounded for two hours. Shepard’s biggest problem came in the form of him having a rather full bladder.

Shepard then asked control if he could go and, “Stretch his legs” which was an astronaut lingo for, “Go take a leak.” Deke Slayton, one of the Mercury 7 told him he couldn’t, due to the hatch being sealed. After an additional half-hour Shepard told control he was just going to go, which would have been very bad due to him lying in his seat with his back towards the ground which would hit the large amount of electrodes strapped to his body. The technicians then decide to just kill the power and let him go. They did and due to the highly oxygenated air the urine evaporated rather quickly and the operation began as originally intended.