Iron Man's Bases

Tony had a lab in his basement where he keeps his collection of 42 suits that goes down to multiple floors.  He used his lab on new projects like replacing the palladium in the arc reactor, which keeps him alive and powers all of his suits but was also poisoning him.  He later replaced it with a new element that his father discovered and left a secret diagram of the structure of it in the 1974 Stark Expo.  His lab and home was destroyed by terrorists who worked for the Mandarin after Tony told him to come find him and apparently was completely unprepared when they came.
            Before that Stark had constructed Stark Tower, which is powered by its own arc reactor, which keeps it powered for a whole year without any cost to the city.  Loki was inspired by the tower’s unique power so he used its location to harness the tesseract to open the portal for his army, which started the Battle of New York.  Only the top floor of the tower was destroyed after the battle so Stark started plans on rebuilding it to make the new Avengers Tower.  The (A) was the only letter left in Stark on the tower.