Iron Man’s Suits

Tony Stark in the MCU has 42 Iron Man suits and is building more.  I’m not going to name them all so I’ll name only the notable ones.
            The first suit Tony made was the Mark-1, which he used to escape the terrorists that captured him. It looks like a giant tin can made from scrap in a cave because that’s what it is.  It is equipped with flamethrowers, is incredibly strong, is bullet proof, and is able to fly…kind of.
            The Mark-2 is the second suit, which Tony made in his lab and is able to fly better and the first suit to have energy blasters in its hands.  It was stolen by James Rhodes and was converted into the War Machine suit in Iron Man 2.  It is now equipped with machine guns on the wrists, a mini gun on the shoulder, and upgraded missiles.  It was painted patriot colors for the Iron Patriot name in Iron Man 3.
            The Mark-7 Armor was used in the battle of New York by Tony to fight the army coming through the portal.  It is a standard suit, which most people recognize and is equipped with more thrusters and extra missiles.