Colleen Ballinger + Miranda Sings

Name: Colleen Ballinger
Birthdate: November 21, 1986
Santa Barbara, California, United States


Colleen Ballinger is an American YouTuber and singer who is most famous for her character MirandaSings, a character who is egotistical and claims herself to be famous even though she sings horribly and makes outlandish statements that often don’t even make any sense. Ballinger’s and MirandaSings’ channels altogether have over 6 million subscribers and 710 million video views. Ballinger graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a major in Vocal Performance in 2008. She was an actress in various theatrical performances, ap peared in a couple web series, and worked as a performer at Disneyland. She created the character Miranda Sings to make fun of girls she noticed at college that thought they were great singers when they were not in reality. She gave Miranda an egotistical, irritable, socially awkward personality, and a horrible singing voice. The character has received a lot of hate comments for what she said and the way she sang, which caused Ballinger to exaggerate these things more. The character responds to these comments in a very witty manner with phrases such as “Yeah right” and “Haters back off”. MirandaSings videos come out weekly regardless of the hate commments, which has been an inspiration to some teenagers dealing with bullying. Ballinger tours as Miranda Sings multiple times a year, and has gone as far as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Miranda Sings is currently the 7th most popular YouTube personality. In 2014, Miranda Sings made an appearance with Jerry Seinfeld on his internet series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and also on  The Tonight Show. In 2009, Ballinger released an EP called Christmas with Miranda Sings and Miranda appeared on Passey’s album Self Taught, Still Learning. Miranda has been on Nickelodeon’s TV show Victorious and a film called Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads in 2012, was on the first episode on an Australian web show called Dance Chat, appeared alongside other YouTubers in an Old Navy music video titled “Unlimited” in 2014, and has made many other appearances on television for interviews including The Grace Helbig Show in April 2015.  In July 2015, Ballinger will release an interactive Miranda Sings book called Selp Helf.
Ballinger makes videos as herself on her YouTube channel called PsychoSoprano. She answers viewer questions, gives her take on issues, makes dancing videos with her sister and best friend, occasionally covers songs, sometimes “collaborates” with Miranda, and does various comedy segments on her channel. She also has a vlog channel, which mostly shows behind the scenes of her MirandaSings tours. Ballinger co-hosted The View in 2015. Entertainment Monthly highly recommends her channel.
MirandaSings and PsychoSoprano are great channels to subscribe to. Colleen is an amazing person who will lift your spirits, and MirandaSings is a character you’ll either really appreciate or despise; the channel is ingenious and is a new kind of comedy that is growing very quickly.



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Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger

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Miranda Sings

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