Jamie Pine

Name: James Mathew Pine
Birthdate: July 5, 1995
Origin: Plymouth, Devon, England, UK

Jamie Pine is a British YouTuber who is an aspiring web designer and film maker. He started making videos in 2009, most of which became popular due to his openness of being gay. He also has a gaming channel on which he mainly plays Minecraft. His three channels collectively have over 90,000 subscribers and over 4 million video views. Pine runs his own website on which his fans can join and communicate through a Facebook like platform and in forums that cover many different discussions. He makes typical vlogs that many people are familiar with, but he has a very interesting take on very many subjects, and is a great YouTuber for someone who is not at the top of the charts. I highly recommend him if you’re not looking for big YouTubers because he has a very neat community on his channels and his website.

Jamie Pine

Jamie Pine

From the YouTube Channel "xjamie1x"






Short Film on the YouTube Channel "iJamesPine"






From the YouTube Channel "JamieEncore"


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