Award Shows


There are many musical awards shows around the world. The most popular music award show in the world is The Grammy Awards. In 2014, The Grammy Awards had a total of 28.5 million viewers. The 2nd most popular music award show is the Country Music Association Awards with 16.8 million total viewers. The American Music Awards brought in a total of 13.2 million viewers in 2014. Here's a table of some of the most popular music awards shows.

American Music Awards

American Music Award Trophy

Created by Dick Clark in 1973. This show plays on ABC annually usually around November. It awards musicians based on a poll of public and music buyers.

Grammy Awards

Grammy Award Trophy

These awards recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. Beginning in 1958, this CBS broadcast is held around February.

MTV Video Music Awards

MTV Video Music Award Trophy

Beginning in 1984, this award recognizes the best in the music video medium.  Broadcasted on MTV, this show is a big hit for the teenage audiences.

iHeartRadio Music Awards

iHeartRadio Trophy

First broadcast being in 2014, this young show awards the world’s best-selling artists in various categories.

BET Hip-Hop Awards

BEt Hip-Hop Awards

Airing on BET, this show awards producers, hip-hop performers, and music video directors. Beginning in 2006, this show takes place around the month of October.

Billboard Music Awards

BIllboard Music Award Trophy

This award is presented to the artists who had outstanding chart performance. Beginning in 1990, this show airs on ABC channel.