Music Timeline


1950Bill Haley and his Comets

The 1950’s was the creation of the Rock’n’Roll genre. One of the first popular groups to portray Rock’n’Roll was Bill Haley & His Comets. The group would wear matching plaid dinner jackets and were very energetic. Other than this band, there was also a solo artist that became very popular in this time. His name was Elvis Presley. His career was launched in 1954 and shortly after given the title “The King of Rock’n’Roll”.


The 1960’s brought the development of music videos. The first person to create a music video for their song was Bob Dylan. His hit single ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ was the song that began it all. This trend picked up very quickly and evidently is still used today. Also in this decade, the first all-female group to reach the top spot in the Billboard 200 Album Charts was known as the Supremes. The album was titled ‘The Supremes A’ Go-Go’ and was released in 1966.


The 1970’s were known for the development of many famous rock bands. New genres of rock were also developed. These new genres were hard-rock and punk rock. Hard-rock bands such as Aerosmith and KISS were formed in this time period. Aerosmith was formed in 1971 and was often referred to as “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”.  KISS was formed in 1973 and was well known for their creative costumes. The costumes were very creative and they even painted their faces with white and black patterns. This band was also known for their unique entertainment such as fire-breathing and levitating instruments.


1980’s were the beginning of MTV. MTV was created to show music videos. As the hip-hop scene began to develop in the 1980’s, music began to change with it. Run-D.M.C was very influential in the new hip-hop genre. They were named the Greatest Hip Hop Group of All Time by MTV. Bands such as Guns n’ Roses and Bon Jovi were also created in this decade.

1990N' Sync

This decade consisted of many different diverse genres of music. Nirvana became popular in the subgenre Grunge. The top selling tours around this time was U2’s Zoo TV and PopMart tours. Female icons were beginning to be developed after the “Spice Girls” interested audiences. Their impact led to more pop acts around the world such as Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, ‘N Sync, and Backstreet Boys.


This decade was largely related to the creation of Napster. Napster allowed people to swap songs over the internet for no cost. The website came to a halt when it was sued by major recording companies such as Warner Brothers, EMI, Sony, and Universal. Popular singers and songwriter during this time were Sisqo, Eminem, Nelly, and ‘N Sync.

2010Bruno Mars

In 2010, many of the popular songs of 2009 re-entered the top charts due to the iTunes gift card effect. One of the biggest sellers of 2009 was Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face”. This hit re-entered the top charts at number 32. Also artists such as Bruno Mars became popular because of their unique, interesting style of music.