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Matthew Dillon

Actor Matthew Raymond Dillon was born on February 18, 1964, in New Rochelle, New York. A veteran performer, Matt Dillon has tackled a variety of roles in both dramatic and comedic films. He got his first break when he was fourteen years old. A talent scout spotted him hanging out in a hallway at his junior high school. Dillon was cutting class at the time. Soon after this fateful encounter, he landed his first film role. Making his debut in Over the Edge (1979), Dillon played a teenager who lives with his family to a planned community outside of Denver. His character—like the other teens in community—had little to do and nowhere to go. In response, he acts out in all sorts of ways with some dire consequences. Critics hailed the mostly teenage cast’s realistic portrayal of youthful angst and frustration. Unfortunately, the film received little promotion and quickly disappeared from movie theaters. Dillon later became an actor known for his tough guy roles, particularly the adaptations of S.E. Hinton's books including Rumble Fish and The Outsiders. Dillon is not currently part of anything today and has not been included in many great movies or shows recently. I thought that Dillon was a talented actor when I saw The Outsiders, but that was the only actual time I got the chance to watch something of his.