World Cup Awards

The Golden Ball is awarded to the best player (first awarded in 1982)

The Silver Ball is awarded to the second best player

The Bronze Ball is awarded to the player third in the voting

The Golden Boot (sometimes called the Golden Shoe) is for the top goalscorer (first awarded in 1982, but has really been applied to all tournaments from 1930)

Most recently, the Silver Boot has been awarded to the second top goalscorer and the Bronze Boot to the third top goalscorer

The Golden Glove Award (formerly the Yashin Award) is for the best goalkeeper (first awarded in 1994)

The Best Young Player Award is for the best player 21 or younger at the start of the calendar year (first awarded in 2006)

The FIFA Fair Play Trophy is for the team with the best record of fair play (first awarded in 1978)

The Most Entertaining Team award is for the team that has entertained the public the most during the World Cup (first awarded in 1994)

An All-Star Team with the best players of the tournament has also been announced since 1998.