Most Successful Teams and Campaigns

Brazil is the most successful country that has participated in the World Cup, winning the most times (5) and qualifying for every tournament.

Only teams from Europe (UEFA confederation) and South America (CONMEBOL confederation) have won the World Cup, European nations with 11 titles and South American with 9. Also, only 2 teams outside these continents (and confederations) have been to the semi-finals of a World Cup: U.S.A. (North, Central America and Caribbean) in 1930 and South Korea (Asia) in 2002.

Only 2 teams, Brazil in 1970 and Germany in 2014, have gone undefeated in the three rounds of play: qualification, group, and knockout rounds. The last team to win all matches, no losses or draws, in the World Cup tournament itself (group and knockout stage) was Brazil in 2002.


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