Team Legends

Throughout Broncos history there has been a plethora of great players. Here is the following list:

John Elway was a life-long Denver Bronco and he gave every ounce of himself to the Broncos. He played 16 seasons for the Broncos. Elway stuck it out with the Broncos through trials and tribulations. The team was terrible when he arrived in Denver, but he turned it around. John Elway was the driving force in Denver on offense—he basically led the Broncos to the three Super Bowls in the 80s with a bunch of okay players around him.

TD seemed like a silly nickname for a player so spectacular, but it ended up fitting perfectly for a player that found the end zone home so many times. Terrell Davis scored 60 touchdowns during his injury-shortened career, but scoring TDs wasn't all TD did, he was a unique combination of agility and toughness.

Floyd Little was everything that was right with the Denver Broncos when everything else was so wrong. The Broncos of the 1960s were tremendously terrible, but Floyd Little was their shining white stallion in the darkest times in franchise history. Much like Terrell Davis, Little improved every year in rushing yards, but for his first five seasons. Little was the first Denver Bronco to take the AFC rushing title with 901 yards in 1970 and he was the first Broncos player to rush for over 1,000 yards in 1971 (1,133, 6 TDs).


Jon ElwayFloyd Little Terrell Davis