Delhi India is the home to 25 million people! It is composed of two components: Old Delhi and New Delhi. The architecture dates all the way back to the Early Muslim period. Some of the famous architecture includes Humayun's tomb which includes some high arches and some domes which was new and impressive to the architecture at the time. The Red Fort is made out of red sandstone is stands 75 feet high hence the red in the Red Fort. When visiting India it is recommended to take a city tour because the city is congested and busy, and quite easy to get lost. From the city tour you can see many landmark attractions. From tombs to temples to museums you will never be bored in Delhi! One of the reasons I’m so interested in Delhi is because the culture and city is so different from anything in the United States. The culture is really unique and I would love to be able to experience that in person.

Humayun's tomb