I would love to travel to Athens one day! I’m a huge fan of architecture and being able to see the Parthenon in person would be incredible! The city of Athens dates all the way back to 3000 BC. It is a rumor that Athens got its name because Athena offered the people living in Athens an olive tree and they loved it so much that they named the city after her. Today, Athens is still known for its olives, and some of the trees planted in the 1200s are still producing olives today. Some of the world’s most famous and interesting architecture still exists today in Athens, Greece! The Parthenon is the most popular, and it was where the Athenians would worship the goddess Athena. It is located on the Acropolis where Athenians would build temples to worship gods and goddesses. As well as sight-seeing some of the most incredible ruins in the world, going up the Mount Lycabettus at twilight is also a highlight! From the top of the mountain you can see the whole city twinkling below. In the actual city some of the things to do include going to the Syntagma and Attica. Syntagma is the hub in the city that include museums and shopping centers. Attica is the largest shopping center in Athens if not all of Greece, where you can find luxury and designer items.