Munich is one of fastest growing cities in Germany, and is the third largest city after Berlin. The Deutsches Museum, or German Museum, is definitely a must see while visiting! It's one of the world's oldest science museums in the world. As for sights to see, the Frauenkirche is an old church that can hold up to 20,000 people-which is huge! The English gardens are also very pretty and are larger than Central Park in New York. Obviously, when in Germany do as the Germans do and, of course,...drink beer (if you’re of age of course!). The Beer halls are all unique and most of them brew their own beers. There must be thousands of local beers to try abd they’re all unique. In 1972, the Summer Olympics were held in Munich and the stadium is still around today, and for the time that it was built it was revolutionary for the time! I would love to visit Munich because I have a lot of German hertitage and I would love to visit where it all began!