New Orleans

New Orleans is a unique city where you could stroll down the street and feed an alligator and then turn a corner and visit a history museum. A lively city that is filled with music, french lifestyle, and food this city has something to offer everyone. If you’re interested in the nightlife and music there are many casinos where you can go to just listen to music or grab an interesting and completely unique cocktail. New Orleans was founded in 1718 and serves as a melting pot of cultures including European, French, African American, and American Indian. The food is also amazing you can get authentic seafood, and the beignets are heavenly. Any food lover will be in heaven while visiting New Orleans. I would love to visit New Orleans any time of the year, but I would especially love to visit during Mardis Gras! There are parades and people all dressed up to celebrate. I feel like it would be the perfect time to really experience the culture in New Orleans!


new orleans