New York City

New York City. Quite possibly, the greatest city in the world. New York is big, loud, and has something for everyone! The Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty are all on the must see must visit list. You cannot go to New York without experiencing the embrasive culture and the perfect place to see and experience that is at Times Square. There are plenty of shops to see while in Times Square, and when in New York you must see a Broadway show! Tickets can be pricy and seating is hard to come by, but you find discount tickets to even the must popular shows! It is also recommended to see the NYC skyline. You can see this skyline from the Empire State building, bridges, waterways, and monuments. The view is awe-inspiring and you cannot leave New York city without experiencing this beautiful view. I want to go to New York so bad! I want to see everything, and since I live in the United States I feel like visiting New York is a perfect place to start the journey!

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