I would love to visit Quebec because of the old city feeling that you get from the city. My dad has visited twice and every time he sends amazing pictures that look like they’re right out of the Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast. Quebec is split into two parts; Old Quebec and New Quebec. Old Quebec is strictly French and contains French speaking people and lots of French culture. When visiting Quebec, be sure to visit the Fortifcations of Quebec City, The St. Lawrence River, and the Montmorency Falls Park. The Fortifications of Quebec is the the only wall North of Mexico surrounding a whole city. The St. Lawrence river can not be overlooked because it contains lots trade activites, and it is fascinating to observe the trades on the river. The Aquarium is located directly off the river and contains marine mammals like an aquarium. Finally, the Montmercy Falls Park is a spectactular waterfall that you cannot miss! It stands 30 feet higher than Niagra falls, and because it is so high it can be seen from St. Lawrence river!

quebec city