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Hobbit Characters

Frodo Baggins: Frodo is the main character of the trilogy of movies and books. He lives with his uncle, Bilbo, in the Shire. They share their birthday’s and on Bilbo’s 111th birthday, Frodo’s 33rd, Bilbo left his ring, home, and nephew behind.


Bilbo Baggins: Bilbo is the hobbit who brought the Ring to the Shire for after the events of the book, The Hobbit, and ended up causing a life of pain for Frodo. Bilbo is only in the books and movies to give Frodo gear before he go on his adventures and to leave The One Ring with Frodo.

Samwise Gamgee: Samwise is a hobbit who does the Frodo’s garden work. But one night, when Gandalf came to Frodo and told him of the danger that the Ring would hold, Samwise was eavesdropping and got caught. After that, Gandalf forced him to follow Frodo on his adventures and practically be his pack mule. He is the creator of many wonderful quotes and is always encouraging “Mister Frodo”.

Peregrin Took: Peregrin normally goes by Pippin in the books and movies. He is always causing trouble and getting the Fellowship into trouble. For example, he knocks a very long chain and armor into a well, and the noise attracted many goblins and orcs.

Roller Over from Pippin to Merry
Meriadoc Brandybuck: Meriadoc is the best friend of Peregrin. Both him and his friend are very brave but they are also mischievous. Merry is more responsible though. He fights in the army of Rohan. Other than being in the fellowship, neither Merry nor Pippin have a very big role in the story.

I did not know all of this, so please check out my references.