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Lorien is the city in the woods. Galadriel, the elf queen lives here. She is known as the Lady of the Wood. She houses the Fellowship after Gandalf is lost to the Balrog. She also gives very important gifts to the heroes. Frodo is given the Light of Earendil, which helps him have light in the darkness, and saves him from Shelob, the spider later. Samwise Gamgee receives 2 different things in between the book and the movies. In the book, he is given soil from Lorien and a Mallorn seed to plant trees in the Shire when he gets home. In the movie, he receives elven rope which unties from the bottom of the rope with a single tug. Pippin and Merry are given belts in the book, but daggers in the movie. Aragorn is given a magical scabbard which keeps his sword from breaking and a gemstone from Arwen. Legolas received a wonderful bow strung with elf hair. Gimli was amazed by Galadriel’s beauty and asked for only a strand of her hair, he was given 3. Boromir received a wonderful golden belt. They all were given a cloak to protect them from enemies’ eyes.Lorien

I did not know all of this, so please check out my references.