Lord of the Rings Shire

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The Shire

The Shire is just miles of open fields perfect for farming and peace. That is the reason Hobbits thought this was a perfect place to settle down. Then, after years of happiness and no adventures, Bilbo went on the quest that is told of in The Hobbit. He brings home the Ring, and there, he lives with it happily, until his 111th Birthday. Then, he decides that the Ring must separate from him, but only after Gandalf warns him of its danger. He leaves it with Frodo, who is just 33 at the time, to keep it safe. Then, several years later, danger entered The Shire looking for the Ring. Overall, The Shire has not had good relations with the Bagginses because they are always causing trouble and excitement.


I did not know all of this, so please check out my references.