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The One Ring

The One Ring is the most important object in the books and movies. It causes all of the trouble that arises. It was created by Sauron to have infinite power and control over the other 19 Rings of Power, 9 for Men, 3 for Elves, 7 for Dwarves.  There is a “poem” type saying that appears on the sides of the ring when it absorbs heat.

“One Ring to rule them all

One Ring to find them

One Ring to bring them all

and in the darkness bind them”

It also grants the ability of Invisibility when it is worn. It is bound to the soul of Sauron and is, at all times, trying to get back to its master. It is very deceiving and gets many friends killing each other over it. Overall, the Ring is the center of all the plot.

The One Ring

I did not know all of this, so please check out my references.