Tips for saving money in Japan. It can be costly to travel in Japan and these are some tips to help you save when traveling.


To save on tickets:

At stores called kinken shops, you can buy rail and bus tickets at discounted prices. “Daikokuya” is one of the best known, but there are other stores doing the same especially in the large business areas and near stations in the big cities. They sell not only travel tickets, but also tickets to concerts, sports events, as well as gift certificates. There are also shops that do currency exchange. 


To save on food:

Try an all you can eat restaurant There are various all you can eat restaurants, including yakiniku, fruit parlors, hotel lunch buffets, tonkatsu restaurants with free bowls of rice, etc. If you’re interested, it might be good to ask your hotel concierge or local Tourist Information desk for more information and restaurant recommendations.


To save money on lodging:

Guesthouses aimed towards backpackers are very reasonably priced. There are many private homes that were renovated to be stylish guesthouses. The best part about this sort of lodging for many people is that you can talk to other travelers from around the country in the shared living areas. There are many places where one night will run you 2000 yen, so it’s definitely worth a try.