Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa is a prefecture, constituting of multiple islands. The main island is Okinawa itself which has attractions and beaches, though some of the most beautiful beaches will be found on the smaller surrounding islands. Okinawa is a breath away from the city life of Tokyo, with beautiful nature trails, museums, and beaches.

Hiji Waterfall

Nature trail leading to a beautiful waterfall.

Okinawa World

Theme park about okinawan culture. Natural cave, and a craft village as well as a snake museum are within the park.  

Shikinaen Garden

Landscape garden and traditional Okinawan wooden palace buildings. These are buildings you can tour and look out over the gardens from within.


Churaumi Aquarium

The best aquarium in Japan. Holding one of the largest tanks in the world which contains many varieties of fish as well as Whale Sharks.

Tsuboya District

Pottery center. Many traditional Okinawan pottery shops.