Transportation in Japan

Here is some information on how to use various types of transportation in Japan.





Wait for passengers to exit before entering the train. Be careful not to block the door at stations, especially if the train is crowded. Put backpacks on the floor or onto the baggage shelves.

Most passengers on Japanese trains are either reading, sleeping or using their mobile phones for sending messages, browsing the web or playing games. Talking on mobile phones inside trains, however, is forbidden, except in the entrance sections of shinkansen and limited express trains.

Upcoming stations and connecting lines are announced in Japanese. On shinkansen and some other lines frequently used by foreign visitors, the announcements are also made in English. Shinkansen and other newer trains have electronic signs in each car that display the upcoming station.






  1. Enter the bus through the back door.

  2. When entering, pick up a ticket from a small machine next to the door. A number is printed on the ticket, which you will later use to determine your fare. If you use an IC card to pay the fare, touch your card against the sensor.

  3. A display above the driver shows the next stop and the fares for that stop in yen. To determine your fare, match the number on your ticket with the number and fare on the display. If you use an IC card, then you do not have to worry about this.

  4. When your stop is approaching, press one of the buttons on the wall to signal the driver that you wish to get off at the next stop.

  5. If you do not have the exact fare, use the changing machine to get small coins.

  6. When getting off, put your ticket and the exact fare into the box next to the driver. If you use an IC card, touch the card against the reader near the driver.