What Is Capitalism?

Capitalism is a business oriented political ideology, almost the opposite of Communism. This is because in Capitalism everything is privately owned with the rich big business owners, and in pure Capitalism, the poor workers do the hard labor. Nowadays, most countries don't use pure Capitalism and America got rid of it during the progressive era in the early 1900s. America now uses a blend of Capitalism with regulations on workers that has a hint of socialism seen with health care and financial aid programs. One of the best examples of the dark side of Capitalism is the Gilded age in America. The Gilded age took place from  1867-1900 and was marked by the infamous Robber Barons. These Robber Barons including but not limited to, Andrew Carnegie, J.P Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Tom Scott, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and many others. They all were extremely wealthy people you used cut throat business practices to get rich. This type of tyrannical rule from companies made many people see Communism as a good idea.