Communism Vs. Capitalism

This is an ongoing debate on wether the to most promonint forms of gouvernment rule with both sides hating eachother.

On this website you will find a detailed overview of both systems, showing negatives and posatives.

Then moving on to intermidieate forms like Socialism and finally giving an overall graph where you can sumbit which system you like most to our data analasys spreadsheet located on the last link.


This is a purely objective place where reliable information can be found on both sides. There is no bias and all information is free for use.


Firstly, if you need to get back to the home page, click on the logo or the banner at the top of the page. The link bar on the left side of the page is order for a specific reason. It is set up in vertical order of which page one should look at first. It is set up this way to give an easy introduction and layer the information in a gruadual slope with the more complex information being listed at the bottom of the tab.


In the final tab in the navigator menu bar, you will find the option to decide which system of gouvernment you prefer. This is where the website ends.