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The mustang is widely regarded as the most customizable car that one can buy. Some many aftermarket manufacturers create bolt-on products that can increase horsepower, visual appeal, and sometimes both. The Bolt-on ease of these products mean that everyone, whether it’s their first car, or their 50th car it is still as easy for the next guy. Companies like American Muscle, Late Model Restoration, CJ Pony Cars, and even from Ford themselves offer customizable parts, and packages for the car.


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Not to mention the companies that will do it for you. Shelby, Roush, Saleen, and others take the platform that the mustang offers and they turn it into a real street machine. These companies can take the base GT model and sometimes double the horsepower. For example Roush’s Phase 2 Mustang takes the stock ~430 horsepower base and utilizes a supercharger kit to boost it to 727 BHP! This Phase 2 package is only around eight to nine thousand more than the mustang GT Premium model. Breaking the 500 horsepower “supercar barrier” is an accomplishment for any mass produced automobile. However, 727 puts the mustang into Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Aston Martin, and Porsche territory for a fraction of the cost. This is a clear example of the capability on the Ford Mustang and that the mustang is the Blue Collar sports car, and maybe nowadays supercar.