halo 5


Here is a list of Characters and Teams INFO:

There is a bunch of HALO characters the first one I am going to name off is spartan Buck. Buck a captain to the ODST team from HALO 3 ODST fans wanted Buck to become a spartan so 343 made books on how he became a spartan and his first showing of him as a spartan is in HALO 5 fans were amazed. The next spartan is John 117 The Master Chief. Chief's story is huge he is the main character in almost every single HALO game or book. Master chief is a hero in the franchise do to saving the universe with his partner Cortana. Noble 6 the character you play as in HALO REACH this character was 2nd to last alive out of the team he watched as all of his team had been killed in action. He had help Doctor Halsey bring the AI Cortana to the UNSC, like Chief, Noble 6 never shows his face he is quiet and is a fantastic soldier. The Noble team leader Carter he dies trying to help escort Noble 6 and the AI to the UNSC ship, he was piloting a pelican and got shot down by the covenant sacrificing himself for Noble 6.





Halo 5 did not meet gamestops sales expectation. Also Halo 5 is said to have the best multiplayer since Halo Reach.