HALO is the first fully functional shooter game to come from console which had boosted the original xbox and made xbox millions of dollars. Halo is also divided into about 8 to 9 games The first game was originally released on the pc but xbox sponsored the franchise. The name is called HALO COMBAT EVOLVE released in 2001 to the xbox and pc; xbox had sold lots of units to this game. Then HALO 2 fans most favorited game of all time. This became the most selling games and became one of the first online shooters for consoles and introduced xbox live. In stocks Halo 2 sold the most games and still holds the biggest selling game of the century. This game released around 2003 boosting xbox. Another game is HALO 3 another one of fan favorites born on the new XBOX 360 and gave the story fans had always wanted this game had been game of the year. An add on to halo 3 but a separate game is HALO 3 ODST which gave the point of view is a marine and ODST soldiers. This game was released in 2008 a year after HALO 3. The next game that's already changed HALO was HALO REACH, this game was about the beginning of the HALO storyline, and it talks about the covenants first appearance with the Noble Team the reason this changed halo was because it was the first game to add new characters and have sprint. After that the next game came out about two to four years later named HALO 4 a game where it introduces the Forerunner and it has the death of cortana which made huge HALO fans angry. Also this game was game of the year for how good the story went buy and how its graphic were amazing for the XBOX 360. Now the most recent game HALO 5 GUARDIANS which gave us one of the best multiplayer in years for HALO it introduced Cortana's return and how she was out to destroy all life in the universe; Fans were angry at the story because it ended on a cliffhanger which shocked most fans.