Halo 5



HALO has a variety of game modes a big gamemode is SLAYER it is like the Classic CALL OF DUTY TDM(TEAM DEATH MATCH). This game mode only allows 4v4 to go all out in the shooter match. Another game mode is Break Out this is a 4v4 search and destroy and instead of bombs there are flags that either team goes to deliver to enemy base to win the round or they can eliminate the opposing team as you only get one life. The next big game mode is Big Team battle this is a game of 8v8 or 16v16 and the match is only on really big maps with vehicles and heavy weapons. A big game just like the last one is called Warzone and this is a game of 32v32 and it is just like Conquest on battle field and its a race to capture the objective and the first team to capture the enemy base wins there is also AI throughout the match and your team can also win from getting the points from the AI. Grifball one of the biggest fan favorite HALO game mode. This game mode is just like football and you have gravity hammers and energy swords to help you score the ball on the enemy team’s goal.


Halo 2 is one of the most favorited game in Xbox history. Not only that but this game also gave people the introduction to Xbox Live this changing console gaming for ever.